Personal: Liana at the zoo

August 7, 2010 at 11:50 PM (fun location, kids, personal)

This weekend we took the girls to the zoo.  Liana, our 3 year old, is normally stuck in the stroller during weekday zoo trips with me.  Dadda joining us today offered Liana a little more independence.  We have tons of the obligatory bear-over-her-shoulder picture, so today I snapped some different shots as we celebrated her strollerlessness.  This first set were taken in some of the few shady spots I could find today in the zoo garden.

Just past the eagles exhibit (one of Liana’s favorites) is the Eagles Nest exploration area.

It was almost time to head home for nap, but we had to visit the jellyfish, get our hands wet in the touch tank, and of course climb the coral reef climbing wall before heading home.

I love the Akron Zoo, and if you’d like to put down your snapshooter and have someone else document your family’s trip to the zoo (and maybe get some family portrait shots taken in the garden), I’m your girl!


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