Personal: My Mari

September 4, 2010 at 12:29 AM (kids, personal)

I recently posted some pictures of Liana at the zoo.  I haven’t done an official shoot with Mari lately, but I do have glimpses of her from the past couple weeks to share.  I can’t believe my baby is 17 months old already.

Our playgroup recently visited the zoo, and took our inaugural ride on their new Conservation Carousel – Mari’s loved it, and was even happy to share her steed with her big sister.

An evening shortly after that Mari was in more of a mood to explore the many use of a popcorn tin than she was to sleep, and my camera was within reach.  It was used to barrel roll, beat like a drum, and at this point, as a comfy perch to read her book.

After she managed to get herself out of the tin, she found an even “better” way to use it – the reason it disappeared by the next morning.  After all, what toddler wouldn’t love a stool just high enough to allow her access to the TV controls?

Here’s Mari after feeding herself so much pasta you’d swear she was carbo loading.  This girl may have a Scandinavian first and last name and bear an oddly close resemblance to her father, but here my baby’s inner Italian shines through.

Like any mom I could go on forever with this post, like a digital never-ending brag book.  Before I stifle myself, though, I can’t resist squeezing in just one more shot.

I was observing the big kids when our playgroup visited the Beech Creek Botanical Gardens and Nature Preserve when I noticed Mari’s little spot in the shade.  This was taken just after she noticed her unsuspecting sister coming near, but just before she bounded out to yell “boo” to her Liana, as their near constant game of peek-a-boo demands. I love how her plan is written all over her face here.

Thanks for letting me share Mari’s world with you.  I hope she brought a smile to your face, too!


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  1. Cindy said,

    Mari is growing so fast! She is a beautiful baby!! I love that smile:)

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